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As Founder and owner of Triad Bee Supply, LLC, my goal is to provide quality products at reasonable prices with the best customer service in the industry. I began this venture on April 2010. Before the Triad Bee Supply, LLC business, I spent 27 years as an Analytical, Formulations and Physical chemist in various market arenas.

            Triad Bee Supply sales fully assembled Cypress Hives. This came about from one customer that would find a swarm each week she mowed her yard. She did not have the time to assemble a hive each time and I happened to have a few hives I had assembled for someone else. I recognized the potential of fully assembled hives in a convenience driven market. Everything we build here is out of Carolina grown Cypress.

             Triad Bee Supply has grown from half a two car garage to three buildings. We continues to grow with your support. I am a Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Dealer, Mann Lake Dealer and Maxant Extractor Dealer.

            I was born in Manhattan KS in 1955. I am the 2nd oldest of 5 children. My father was a PhD Chemist for DOW Chemical until he left and went into teaching at the college level. I have lived in 8 state by the time I graduated High School. I was 14 years old when my Dad decided to have bees. He bought 2 hives from Sears & Roebuck. When the woodenware arrived my Dad older brother and I assembled them and set them up. We believed we were beekeepers! About six weeks later arrived the bees. Dad handed them to me and told me to put them into the bee hives. Dad always had me look after the bees and when the family moved to Florida, I stayed in Virginia leaving the bees with me. I have been caring to bees for 43 years and continue to learn about them.

I know what is like not to have support when starting out as a beekeeper. I want to provide as much support to beginning beekeepers as I can. During the summer, April through August we have “Play Days” some folks call them field days. We start around 10 am and finish around 3 pm. We learn by hands on in the hives and different aspects about beekeeping. Everyone is welcome to come, It’s FREE.